Innovation & Enterpreneurship: Students are Leading By Example


Innovation amongst studentsRecently a new revolutionary market competitive concept has emerged in the Netherlands. Utilising student services is up and coming, especially in the moving business. By using services performed by students, the is a lot lower than engaging with a professional moving service and yet a significantly higher service standard is offered. Utilizing new ideas, not being afraid of creativity and being flexible is what makes Flex Student Services.

Flex Student Services has been in the moving business since 2011 now and has become a large moving service in the Netherlands. The company specialises in student services, which has led to them being able to perform almost any kind of job, from gardening to moving – even hosting events. Because of the flexibility of their student employees and their working attitude, the stands very advantageous for customers. Business partners in different branches, like pharmacists, housingagencies and even local governments have already discovered the versatility of Flex Student Services.

Operating by means of student services obviously is Flex Student Services’ trademark. They have a range of services they can provide because of the many students – all with different fields of study –who are employed by Flex Student Services. All jobs are performed well, because of the strict selection procedure all student employees go through and their clear communication with customers. Setting up a plan of action reminds customers they are dealing with a certain type of student; maintaining quality throughout every job, a move or an event. Employees are amongst others selected by working attitude, costumer-friendliness and reliability, which is also why the company is on the rise.

Flex Student Services is meant to make people’s lives a little bit easier. Whether one cannot or just does not want to execute certain jobs, Flex Student Services is there to help. The student employeesare available to perform tasks like moving, but also chores at home, gardening, cleaning or computer help. They can perform these services for just one or on a periodical , in which case the use of student services most times is even more advantageous for costumers.

Flex Student Services has had many years of experience in performing all kinds of jobs, which has led to a system where a specially made plan is created for each individual customer. This way no one will face unpleasant surprises. For this reason, an international approach was a logical step. If you are planning on moving, you can contact Flex Student Services by either calling +31 703893890 or sending an email to for more or an offer, no strings attached!

Innovation amongst students, students entrepreneurship, student flex servicesInnovation amongst students

Innovation amongst students, students entrepreneurship, student flex services

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