Leaders have followers, Managers have subordinates

An intriguing question: What is the difference between an effective  and a good ? Everybody has an opinion and we may come close in defining the difference, but somehow nobody has really pinpointed it for me in such precision as the below table depicts.

This overview below shows how a “Manager” would approach a particular situation and how a “Leader” would. The point being that a good manager does not make a good leader and a good leader is not by default a good manager. And they dont have to be the same… each have different qualities and different  style by the nature of their role. Some argue that leadership goes beyond managerial execution as it requires competencies that are hard to learn and are often a natural talent.

See if you disagree…

Managers versus Leaders
Subject Manager Leader
Essence Stability Change
Focus Managing Work Leading people
Have Subordinates Followers
Horizon Short-term Long-term
Seeks Objectives Vision
Approach Plans detail Sets direction
Decision Makes Facilitates
Power Formal Authority Personal charisma
Appeal to Head Heart
Culture Enacts Shapes
Dynamic Reactive Proactive
Persuasion Tell Sell
Style Transactional Transformational
Exchange for work Excitement for work
Likes Action Striving
Wants Results Achievement
Minimizes Takes
Rules Makes Breaks
Conflict Avoids Uses
Direction Existing roads New roads
Establishes Seeks
Concern Being right What is right
Credit Takes Gives
Blame Blames Takes

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