Perfect script for a movie: Germany’s announcement to repatriate 19% of its gold reserves

On January 16, 2013 the , currently located in vaults in Paris and New York, to its own vaults in Germany.

The purpose is to store in Germany.

The following table shows the current and the envisaged future allocation of Germany’s gold reserves across the various locations:

      31/12/2012       31/12/2020
Frankfurt am Main 31% 50%
New York 45% 37%
London 13% 13%
Paris 11% 0%

When I read a story like this, the greatness of it comes directly to mind.

Apart from the declaration of the Deutsche Bundesbank, that with this new storage plan, they focus to build more trust and confidence domestically, but still hold the possibility to exchange gold for with gold trading centers abroad within a short space of ,the size of the physical operation is enormous.

To see the value of this operation/transaction in perspective.

The today´s value of 375 tonnes of gold is about 36 billion .

For that amount you can have:

  • 180 fully loaded oil tankers. The biggest oil tanker can carry about 2 million barrels of oil, with a total value about 180 million dollar.
  • 4 of the most expensive ship that ever is going to be built. The Gerald R. Ford class- super carrier will about 10 billion dollar.
  • 5 of the most expensive plains ever built, the B2 Spirit stealth bomber costs about 7 billion dollar.
  • 13 of the most expensive buildings ever built, the Wynn Las Vegas hotel and casino did cost around 2,7 billion dollar.

The strange thing about is that the value it presents is fully based on trust. So for example if the US is buying a 100 million dollar ship, it can simple put a few numbers in a computer and it is paid.

In this case it cannot be done by putting numbers in a computer! No, the 375 tonnes of gold actually have to be transported, shipped or flown in from Paris and New York to Germany.

to the announcement of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

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