Welcome to Kingcascow, the Finance & Management Accounting forum.

Are you a financial who is interested in learning about practical application of financial concepts or technical solutions on financial reporting and analysis. We intent to deliver you regular simple and effective tools that will make your live easier as a financial professional. Whether you are an analyst, a controller or a financial director, we promise to deliver you content that is interesting to you, and yes, often also a doses of humor.

Here are some things you can expect from us in 2013:

  • Deep dive in several Key Management Accounting Concepts
  • The basics of Accounting Reviewed (so essential, even for the veterans out there)
  • Excel Templates with Waterfalls, Pie Charts
  • Budgetting / Planning concepts & guidance
  • Incremental & Standard Costing concepts
  • Compliance and controls frameworks

So if you dont want to miss anything be sure to check back regularly.

We look forward to bring you the latest in 2013!

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