Taxodus: Play the Virtual Online Tax Evasion Game

StTaxodus Virtual Tax Evasionep in the shoes of a multinational and become the Head of International Strategies. Explore the boundaries of international tax laws by playing an online tax avoidance game. “Test your knowledge of international tax and learn how to protect your assets”, that is one of the objectives of a game developed by a Dutch lady Femke Herregraven, clearly opening up the discussion on a fascinating and sensitive subject.

According to the site, where all of us can play the tax avoidance game, explains their game as follows:

is a serious, web-based game that responds to the industry of tax planning by which multinationals attempt to lower their taxes on and other mandatory contributions as possible. Players action on behalf of multinationals, have to “dodge” paying as much tax as they can within a strategic landscape that incorporates real on international capital flows such as withholding taxes and tax treaties. By setting up subsidiaries which multinationals can “neutralize” their tax burdens.”

An interesting controversial game that is a must see for financials and tax experts. Not only is it questioning the ethical boundaries of tax avoidance (and evasion) by multinationals, it is opening up the subject for debate to a wider audience.

For the full game to: or watch the intro video below:

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