What to expect when a country falls into a depression?

What can you expect in a depression?

Read this shocking article about . It will give you all the answers!


Okay, this is Greece!! It is not !!

But it is more than imaginable that like Portugal and slide into a depression as well and will suffer the same way described in the above article.

But what do you think about Italy, France, Germany, the USA and Japan? Is it possible for them too to slide in a deep depression?

You may think I am nuts! But if you have a good look at all the future promises these countries made to their citizens on healthcare, retirement, etc, the demography of each country and the level of indebtedness, the modern system is definitely toasted.

And because Politicians and those who elect them don’t want to make any sacrifices ( cut spending, adjusting expectation, more work) nothing will change until the system collapse and chaos will be the future!!

Greek increases every month


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